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What we do

Building wealth means first seeing your big picture.

The difference between putting your money to work and having your money work for you means we’ll never prioritize our own interests over yours. Ever. We’re very intentional in the early steps we take. That includes an immersive process to define your unique vision and most importantly, help make it obtainable.

We begin with a 45 Day Financial Plan.

Step 1


Uncovering the values, goals, and relationships more important to your family

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Step 2


Balance sheet, cash flow, investment & tax analysis. Introductions to your other advisors

Step 3

Wealth Design

Prioritization of goals and developing a long-term strategic wealth plan

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LourdMurray Logo

Step 4


Adopt & execute the agreed-upon plan

Ongoing Planning

After that, we’ll hold regular meetings to get ahead of major life decisions and help create intentional wealth outcomes.

If you’re looking for extraordinary advice from an extraordinary advisor

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